Bootleg Microbrewery - Chorlton's only brewery!

Bootleg Brewing co - our microbrewery started brewing its first ale in 2010. Currently the only brewery in Chorlton, it was converted from the shell of the tower where the old disused brewery once stood.*

From it's first brew it took only a month for the brewery to produce its first award winning ale - Contraband. The amber ale was prized by the Bury Beer Festival as the Silver in the Beer of The Festival category in November 2010.

As strong supporters of real ale and knowing from our own experience how important it is to keep the craft alive we sponsor several festivals throughout the year. These include Stockport Beer Festival and our very own summer Chorlton Beer Festival.

We've specially crafted a new range of craft beers for 2015 and these include: Urban Fox, Speak Easy, Fool's Gold, Contraband, Spun Gold, Back Street, Twisted Groove, Racketeer, Lawless, Chorlton Pale Ale and Black Market. Each has a unique taste that is perfect for either all year or seasonal drinking respectively.

To find out more about the microbrewery on the latest news and craft beer range, visit Bootleg Brewing co

Craft Lager

Spin Doctor 4.8%
Spin Doctor is "a post-pilsner new wave indie lager"

We've taken everything we love about traditional lagers - clean taste, light straw colour, crisp carbonation - then added a magic ingredient overlooked by so many lager brewers: hops.

With hops we had a tightrope to tread, we risked producing a bland and uninspiring yellow fizz if we were faint of heart and a taste bud decimating bomb if we over-egged it - you don't need to look very hard in pubs or supermarkets to find beers that fit these descriptions.

We had numerous trial sessions where we appraised all manner of hops by rubbing them between our hands and smelling the hop oils released; this led to our selection of two stunning Australian hops; Ella and Summer. Ella brings light, fruity, gently herbal notes which meld with the balanced melon and peach characteristics of Summer in perfect combination.

Spin Doctor is a lager that we thought about, then brewed with TLC - we did use lager yeast, we did bottom ferment, we did cold store - and all of that care comes through when you put a glass to your lips.


Chorlton Pale Ale 4%
Highly quaffable and just the right strength to stick with all night, brewer Erin Guy describes it as 'a refreshing blonde beer with floral flavour and a long dry finish'.

Urban Fox 4.2%
A red "rye PA" packed with citrus hops. An ideal session beer.

Speakeasy 4.2%
A lip loosening red ale brewed with crystal rye and big hop flavours.

Fool's Gold 3.9%
A crisp pale ale bursting with tropical fruit hops.

Contraband 3.9%
A delicate pale malt and wheat base meets juicy new world hops.

Spun Gold 4.0%
A refreshing ale brewed with honey and citrus flavoured whole hops.

Back Street 4.3%
A lighter malty ale brewed with Maple syrup.

Twisted Groove 4.2%
A refreshing golden ale brewed with East Kent goldings hops.

Racketeer 4.2%
A light golden ale with fruity after-taste.

Lawless 3.8%
A pale tradition ale brewed with Styrian hops.

Black Market 3.2%
Deep, dark and decidedly drinkable mild ale.