How Big Is A Queen Size Bed

Majority of people have an idea about the common bed sizes. Full-size, twin, king and queen size beds are widespread across the industry and help to limit the frame and mattress choices. These accepted size terms are useful in narrowing down your space measurements, but you may need to consider whether there is the existence of any variances in width or length of these sizes. According to statistics, more than half the global population sleep in a sort of queen size bed. But how big is a queen size bed? Here is an exclusive look at the size variances surrounding the popular queen size bed.

What Is the Size of a Standard Queen Bed?

Queen beds have become very popular for couples, and it is easy to see why. Two people can sleep comfortably on the bed or individuals who like sprawling out. A queen size bed has extra length and width as compared to full-size beds hence providing more comfort to couples that feel more cramped on a full-size bed or taller is also easier to find lots of decorative preferences and frames to fit your Mattress for a queen size bed.  A queen size bed has a standard size of 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The depth of the bed is not specific but, in most cases, the mattresses are about nine to sixteen inches thick.

Are There Other Queen Bed Sizes?

Other than the standard sizes, queen beds come with different dimensions. If you have a more sleeping space, but it is not enough for a king size bed, you could still go for these queen bed size options.

Olympic Queen Bed

This is a perfect queen bed if you want an extra elbow room. The Olympic queen bed is 66 inches wide and 80 inches long. This gives you an extra half foot to your sleeping area. This is an excellent choice for couples who need a wider bed while the 72-inch width king bed is too much. Though you will have more reduced options when it comes to frames and mattresses, sticking to this size acts as an excellent alternative to the king size bed.

California Queen Bed

California queen bed has dimensions of 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. This gives it an extra 4 inches foot room. If you are among the taller bodies, but you don’t need to add extra width, California queen bed is the perfect choice for you. These beds are more famous than the Olympic queen bed, and you will get a higher variety of frames, sheets, and mattresses to choose from.

Split Queen Bed

The split queen bed has similar dimensions as the standard queen size bed. The only difference is that the bed has the mattress split into two sides with each measuring 30 inches by 80 inches. Split queen mattresses are mostly used on adjustable beds.

How Large Is A Queen-Size Bed Frame?

With some of the mattress fitting accurately against the bed frame, other bed frames are some inches longer or wider than the mattress. It is essential for you to be careful when choosing a bed frame as it is responsible for tying your room design and décor together. You should choose a bed frame that matches the elegant décor of other furniture in your room. Most of the queen size bed frames have dimensions between 60 to 65 inches by 80 to 82 inches long.

If you have a standard queen bed and you want the beddings to take center stage, purchase a 60 by 80 inches bed frame and drape your linens over to each side. If you need a bold bed look, purchase a bigger frame and a smaller duvet cover making the headboard and frame to be more pronounced. With a queen size bed, your mattress will last longer and comfortable due to the center support the prevents sagging of the mattress.

Will Queen Sheets Fit Queen Size Beds?

Most of the queen sheets are set to fit the 60 by 80 inches standard queen bed that is not deeper than 15 inches. For the sheets to fit well to your queen bed, you should specifically order for California, Olympic and split sheet depending on your type of queen bed. There are also some available sheets that can accommodate a queen size bed that is up to 22 inches deep.


If you are 18 plus years, there is a high probability that you sleep on a queen size bed, or you are looking for an upgrade to one.  This bed is perfect for two sleepers, wide enough to give each of them a 30-inch space of their own and remarkable for individuals who love spreading out. Because of this, queen size beds have several choices in terms of dimension and style to support your décor and mattress. Before you commit yourself to buy any bed frame, you need to have a good image of your floor space and mattress size. Purchase your queen size bed choice and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable sleep.

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